Topsity Transit Commission, often abbreviated as the TTC, is a local public transit operator based in the City of Topsity - Zephyr in Gravenhurst Region in the Imaginary Lands of Nicholas. It is the smallest public transit operator in the entire Gravenhurst Region, and serves two municipalities (Topsity - Zephyr and the nearby the Town of Yoli - Yaritown. Its headquarters is located at 183007 West Pacific Coastal Highway in Southern Topsity. Its motto is Ride the Rocket.


TTC is established as a public transit system solely owned and operated by the municipal government. TTC began its operation in 1954, and since then, almost no service improvement have been created. There are new routes created from time to time, however.

TTC serves the City of Topsity - Zephyr with 9 bus routes, about 6 of which are full time, the other 3 operate during peak hours only. The transit system only provide nightly service on Route 1.

TTC makes connection with GO Transit, an intercity transit system.

TTC's major transit hub is located at Topsity GO Station, almost all routes connect with the station.

List of Service RoutesEdit

Full Time RoutesEdit

Peak Hours RoutesEdit


The fare for the entire system for all ages is $2.25. The rate is flat for all routes and all passengers.


  • Blue Nite Service - An experimental service that allows routes to be operating during 12 AM to 6 AM. The service is currently available on Route 1.

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