Placentia Trail


350 km


Dixie - Dundas - Lloydminster


57 km south of Welford
Tributary Park


Cross-Country Skiing

The Placentia Trail is a hiking trail that traverses north - south through Donsley and Courners, in Gravenhurst Region.

The hiking trail begins at the southernmost limit of Donsley, and continues north and into Donsley Town Centre, alongside with the Courners Creek, and finally ending at the Tributary Park located at the boundary between Dixie - Dundas - Lloydminster and Wellington. The trail spans for an approximate 350 km.

The trail was established as a pioneer route for European settlers when Europeans first explored the land in the late 1700s. The trail is now governed by the Gravenhurst Regional Park Committee (GRPC).

The current major urban thoroughfare, City View Drive, was formerly named Placentia Trail, named after this hiking trail. The Donsley municipal government renamed the road from Placentia Trail to City View Drive in 2003 to avoid ambiguity.

In 2003, the municipal government re-routed the former Placentia Trail to ease access to Highway 506. As a result, a 0.6-km section of the old Placentia Trail still exists in Donsley, and can be accessed from City View Drive via a short access road.

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