Pickering Transit
Société de Transport du Puy-qui-Règne


Government of Pickering


Southern Pickering County; Gravenhurst Region (Lisi)


20+ conventional bus lines

Annual Ridership (2015)



1315 rang de l'Aéroport, Claireville

Began Operations


Pickering Transit (French: La Société de Transport du Puy-qui-Règne), or abbreviated as PT (or in French STP), is a public transit operator in Pickering County in the Imaginary Lands of Nicholas. Its headquarters is located at 1315 rang de l'Aéroport (Airport Line) in Claireville, Pickering.


The predecessor of Pickering Transit was several smaller public transit operators, such as Rainwater Transit (RT), and Claireville Transit (CT). Due to the huge success of Gravenhurst Region Transit (GRT), the government of Pickering County decided to merge the two transit operators to form Pickering Transit in 1997.


Currently, Pickering Transit offers 18 bus routes throughout the county.

In 2004, PT route 1 is contracted by the GRT to operate on the portion of Gravenhurst Regional Road 47 (Lakeshore Boulevard) from Lisi Terminal to the Gravenhurst - Pickering Border. Passengers only have to pay the PT fare despite located in Gravenhurst Region (i.e. no double fares when crossing the border).

Pickering Transit does not operate any terminals, but connects to Lisi Terminal, as operated by Gravenhurst Regional Transit.


The fare for the entire system is $4.25 for all ages. The rate is flat for all routes, and all passengers.

10 tickets are also available at $25.00 for all age groups. Monthly Passes are available at $95.00 for all age groups as well.

Children under 3 years of age may ride free on the system.

Pickering Transit has one of the most expensive cash fare policy in all of the Imaginary Lands of Nicholas.

The system is not compatible with gCard.

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