Pear Island, sometimes romanized from the Cantonese name as Suet Lee Island (Traditional Chinese: 雪梨島), is a small island, and is part of the Castle Islands chain. The island is part of the Pear Island Regional Park, and is uninhabited by any residents. The island can be reached from a ferry pier from the City of Lisi. The island is named "pear" or "suet lee" in Cantonese due to the shape of the island resembling that of a pear.

The island is located in Lake Haldimond. It has been assigned under the administration of the Town of Manchot.

The island is about 5 km due south to Castle Island.

Historically, there has been many disputes as to which regional municipality owns the island. Prior to 1928, the island has been claimed by Pickering County, though personnels from the Periodic Region and Gravenhurst Region have been sent to the island to show ownership of the island. The ownership problem of the island has not been a major political conflict, as the island is small in area, and is lack of resources.

The political conflict was settled in 1951, when the King announced that the island is legally and rightfully belong to Gravenhurst Region, after a 4-year thorough investigation by historians.