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City of Vandehogan (Traditional Chinese: 溫德浩根; Korean: 반데호건; Dutch: Gemeente Van der Hogan) (2010 population 116,827) is the second largest city in Gravenhurst Region. Formerly a Dutch colony, the Dutch had returned the colony to the Second Kingdom in 1822, at which point, the territory formed a part of Gravenhurst Region.

The city is the heart of the Vandehogan Census Metropolitan Area. Including its suburb, the area is home to about 120,000 people, more than 13% of the region's population. The residents of the city can be referred to as Vandehoganers. The city is known for the industrial (especially manufacturing and high-tech) activity in the area.

Vandehogan has been the hub of the Dutch colony of Dutch Van der Hogan in the 17th century. This had left a significant Dutch influence to the city, and a large population who remains to speak the language in the city. In addition, Vandehogan has one of the highest percentage and concentration of Korean population in the entire Imaginary Land of Nicholas.

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Today is: 17th of Month 6, 26 TLY, XXXIII (Nicholas calendar) | 17 October 2019 (Gregorian calendar)

Vigar-zh-wikipedia-2010-new-design-list Happy Nicholas Day! The Imaginary Lands of Nicholas celebrates the new year of the Nicholas Calendar. All non-essential public services and businesses are shut down for the day, with schools shutting down for the entire Nicholas Week. The King issues a new year message wishing the kingdom a prosperous year ahead.

Vigar-zh-wikipedia-2010-new-design-list Port Run welcomes a new addition of a series of infrastructure and new buildings on New Year's Day, including three museums: Port Run Museum of Fine Arts, Port Run Agricultural Museum, and the Port Run Opera House. The Port Run Stock Exchange has also opened alongside with the new Wanikit Bypass.

Vigar-zh-wikipedia-2010-new-design-list In order to meet pollutant reduction goals in 2015, Port Run has installed a new Hydrogen Power Plant, and is in the process of removing its existing Coal Power Plants, which are deemed to be heavy-pollutants of the territory.

Vigar-zh-wikipedia-2010-new-design-list In the City of Watersauga, a municipal structure reform takes place east of the City-State's National Capital Region, which involved in the creation of the Municipality of Valleyfield—Côteaux-des-Rivières. Further discussions at the parliament involved in reconstituting the city as an autonomous state within the Imaginary Lands of Nicholas.

Vigar-zh-wikipedia-2010-new-design-list The Broadcasting Authority has approved the request of a new, free, overseas television channel of the Hong Kong Television Network, which is to operate under the name of HKTVN-ILN (Hong Kong Television Network - ILN).

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Vigar-zh-wikipedia-2010-new-design-list City of Vandehogan Vigar-zh-wikipedia-2010-new-design-list Port Romanani
Vigar-zh-wikipedia-2010-new-design-list Hydrogen Purchase Vigar-zh-wikipedia-2010-new-design-list Highway 2
Vigar-zh-wikipedia-2010-new-design-list Hokoe Vigar-zh-wikipedia-2010-new-design-list Alphabet Belt
Vigar-zh-wikipedia-2010-new-design-list GO Transit Vigar-zh-wikipedia-2010-new-design-list Airport Expressway
Vigar-zh-wikipedia-2010-new-design-list Colonial Highway 3 Vigar-zh-wikipedia-2010-new-design-list Archemedes CMA
Vigar-zh-wikipedia-2010-new-design-list French Vigar-zh-wikipedia-2010-new-design-list Vandehogan Terminal
Vigar-zh-wikipedia-2010-new-design-list GRT route 7 'Eden' Vigar-zh-wikipedia-2010-new-design-list Ku Sze Yiu Bay
Imaginary Lands of Nicholas Television Prime Time
Time slot CZTVB Jade
20:00 - 20:30 2014 Hong Kong Protests (Live)
Rundate: 26 Sep - TBD
Peak Viewership: 47%
20:30 - 21:30 Come On Cousin
Rundate: 20 Oct - 29 Nov 2014
Peak Viewership: 34%
21:30 - 22:30 Tomorrow Is Another Day
Rundate: 06 Oct - 01 Nov 2014
Peak Viewership: 26%
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Vigar-zh-wikipedia-2010-new-design-list Town of Wellington tripled its population in a year?

Vigar-zh-wikipedia-2010-new-design-list Al G. Bra, born in Arithmetic was the founder of the branch of mathematics called algebra?

Vigar-zh-wikipedia-2010-new-design-list Lin Heung Wai, Port Run, a new town under the Port Run Satellite Cities Project, has a nickname of "The back garden of Capitol City"?


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Transit Information

Gravenhurst Regional Transit - Caithness - Caledonia
Vigar-zh-wikipedia-2010-new-design-list 57 Borden - Caledonia

Vigar-zh-wikipedia-2010-new-design-list Service adjustments, effective April 8. 8 AM and 7 PM rush hours trip will be diverted to Caledonia Multiplex GO Station to better connect with GO Transit services.

Vigar-zh-wikipedia-2010-new-design-list 58 High Street

Vigar-zh-wikipedia-2010-new-design-list New route, effective April 8. A new route operating during rush hours only will begin on April 8. The route will serve the residential area along High Street, as well as act as an industrial shuttle for the Caledonia Multiplex Industrial Area.

Vigar-zh-wikipedia-2010-new-design-list 137 Caledonia

Vigar-zh-wikipedia-2010-new-design-list Route restructure, effective April 8. To better utilize vehicle resources, and to better serve the corridor, route 137A and 137B services are now cancelled. Services covered by these branches will be replaced by adjustments in Routes 137, 137C, and 138.

Vigar-zh-wikipedia-2010-new-design-list 138 Caledonia Local

Vigar-zh-wikipedia-2010-new-design-list New route, effective April 8. A new route following mostly the service area of the old Route 137A will be created, and will be upgraded to a full-time service. The route will provide full service to Main Street Caledonia, and limited service to the Caledonia Catholic Church and Ingrid Falls. During rush hours, the route will connect to Caledonia Multiplex Terminal.
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Port Run Skyline

The skyline of the Royal Watersauga Crown Colony of Port Run. To the left is the colony's capital, Capitol City, which is separated from Port Run Principality to the right by the Cosmoplay River.
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Weather Conditions - Nicholas City

Newest Weather Warnings from the NMBILN

Weather Condition and Forecast for Nicholas City
Issued by National Meteorology Bureau of the Imaginary Lands of Nicholas
Currently: 15 Mainly sunny, |

Today: 15 Mainly sunny | 10°

Tonight: 24 Partly cloudy | -1°

Tomorrow: 25 Partly cloudy,|

Tomorrow Night: 24 Partly cloudy, | -4°

Sun. (16/4): 21 Sunny breaks, |

Sun. Night: 16 Overcast, |

Mon. (17/4): 20 Snow then rain, ~10mm, ~1cm, |

Mon. Night: 12 Rain, 10-15 mm |

Tue. (18/4): 11 Rain early, 15-20 mm |

Tue. Night: 14 Mainly clear |

Wed. (19/4): 25 Variable clouds | 12°

Wed. Night: 24 Variable clouds |

Thur. (20/4): 25 Variable clouds | 17°

Thur. Night: 2 Increasing clouds |

Fri. (21/4): 12 Light rain, 10-15 mm | 15°

Friday Night: 12 Rain, 25-35 mm | 10°

Sat. (22/4): 23 Thunderstorm, 25-35 mm | 22°

Sat. Night: 10 Showers, 1-3 mm |

Total Rainfall for this period: 80 - 120 mm

Total Snowfall for this period: ~ 1 cm

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