Iqaluit (Pronounced as e-ka-lu-WEE, commonly mispronounced as e-KA-lu-wit) is a community in Borden. The community is home to much of the natives in the city of Borden. The community is split between Archemedes Census Metropolitan Area and Caledonia Census Agglomeration by Gravenhurst Regional Road 5000 (Market Line).

The community began as a hemlet after the Borden Separation Movement has ended, around the year 1910. The community, until 2008, was part of the Indian Reserve I-003. This status has been demolished in 2009 when the government re-purchased the land for new urban developments.

The community straddles between the border between Borden and Arithmetic. About 20 homes are located within Arithmetic, and the rest of about 100 homes are located within Borden.

The community is served with Iqaluit GO Station, a GO Transit station on the Golden Corridor Line. It is also served with GRT Route 57B.

In the recent urban sprawl of the City of Borden, and the Archemedes Census Metropolitan Area, the community is now blended in a continuous urban area of Archemedes.

New residential developments include Lake Iqaluit Village and Seasons Orchard Village, just immediately outside of the community.

The community is centred around Lake Iqaluit.