Disambig For the historical GRT Route 3 Bernice, see Gravenhurst Regional Transit route 3 'Bernice'.

Route 3 "Downtown"
Joint GRT / GO Service


3.2 km


Rush Hour Service
GO Shuttle

Number of Branches



5 - 10 mins. (Peak)


Route recently created

Route 3, also known as Downtown Shuttle, is a GO Shuttle bus operating in Downtown Archemedes by GO Transit. The route is contracted out to the GO Transit in Summer 2008 by Gravenhurst Regional Transit. The route has only one branch, and only operates during rush hours. The purpose of the route, according to GO Officials, is to connect employees in the Downtown Commercial District to the nearby GO Station, in this case, the Downtown Terminal.


Fleet UsedEdit

  • GO Shuttle 30' Bus (2000s)
    • Kneeling Bus - Wheelchair Ramp equipped

Future DevelopmentsEdit

Major StopsEdit

  • Archemedes Terminal (Platform 1)
  • Archemedes Circle & Hurontario Avenue
  • Archemedes Circle & Nicholas Street
  • Nicholas Street & Hurontario Avenue

Destination SignsEdit

  • 3 Downtown Shuttle / TO NICHOLAS ST
  • 3 Downtown Shuttle / TO ARCHEMEDES STN.

Route NotesEdit


  • Future Merge with Route 10 might be possible

Service FrequencyEdit

Time Period Frequency (min) Buses Used Notes
Weekday Peak 5 - 10 2
Weekday Mid / Evening No Service
Weekday Late Evening / Nite No Service
Saturday Day No Service
Sunday / Holiday Day No Service
Weekend / Holiday Night No Service
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