GO Shuttle is a shuttle bus that is operated by GO Transit in conjunction with the Gravenhurst Regional Transit, which provides most commuter bus service for the region. GO Shuttles are operated during rush hours only, and they serve to connect commuters from areas not reached by any conventional transit, and connect them to a GO Train station. The shuttles are also used to boost riderships in community train stations, and to fill in the gap from the commuter bus service whenever a local route in the community is deemed inappropriate.

There are currently 6 GO Shuttles. As GRT requires more vehicles to operate the new routes, GRT may have to contract out its lower-ridership routes to GO Transit to create more vehicle availability.

List of GO ShuttlesEdit

GO Transit Shuttle buses
3 (Downtown)64 (Guelph)72 (Caledonia)85 (Sydenham)120 (Outer Lydia)142 (Garneau) (Proposed)