A capital city (or just capital) is the area of a autonomous region or a colony within the Imaginary Lands of Nicholas, regarded as enjoying primary status; although there are exceptions, a capital is always a city which physically encompasses the offices and meeting places of the seat of government and is fixed by law. An alternate term is political capital, but this phrase has a second meaning based on an alternative sense of capital. The capital is frequently, though not necessarily, the largest city of its constituent area.

By law, the Kingdom Direct-Controlled Territories, with the exception of the National Capital Territory, do not have capital cities.

The capital of the Imaginary Lands of Nicholas is Nicholas City, located in the national capital region.

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Capital cities of the Wiki Nicholasland by jurisdiction
National Capital
Nicholas City
Autonomous Countries
CC Sainte-Marie GR Archemedes LG Fort Clarkson PT Oxygen WS Ottawa-Gatineau
CP Cosmo City MC Frontenac PG Claireville TY Torbury City XH Jiefang Cheng
Special Regions
BR Ledyanoy MA Charmorro MW Woods Bay NW Lushfield OT New Urumqi
AR Loft Central HE Hokoe PR Capitol City