The Archemedes General Hospital (AGH; Traditional Chinese: 萬錦醫院; French: Hôpital général d'Archimède), is a major general hospital in downtown Archemedes, Gravenhurst.

The emergency department now treats 28,065 persons each year, while the hospital also houses the major transplantation service for the entire Gravenhurst Region, performing heart, lung, kidney, liver, pancreas and small intestine, amongst others, for patients referred from all over the region. In doing this, the AGH teaches resident physicians, nurses, and technicians, and conducts research through the Gravenhurst General Research Institute located within the AGH building.

Public transportEdit

The hospital is served with several Gravenhurst Regional Transit (GRT) public transit routes through Stop #01\203. The stop is located at the loop at the main entrance of the hospital. In addition, there is a subway exit within the building, exiting from Cherryshill Subway Station.